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About the brand

Exploring the authentic soul of football fashion

Genesis of Football Town - At the heart of passion and fashion

The Football Town brand is a combination of the authentic soul of football and fashion. Its genesis comes from the bustling streets of Argentina, where the heart of football beats strongest. Here, football is not just a game - it is a way of life, a culture that unites and a passion that inspires. A group of dedicated football fans, equally fascinated by the world of fashion, saw a unique opportunity to combine these two worlds into one. Their imagination brought them a vision for a brand that not only reflects the spirit of football in every detail, but also weaves in fashion elements that touch the hearts of fans around the world.

A journey to excellence - craftsmanship meets extraordinary quality of materials in Portugal

The company's founders realised that in order to realise their vision, it was necessary to find the perfect place where quality materials meet mastery in craftsmanship. Their search led them to Portugal, known for its long textile tradition and exceptional cotton quality. Here, the concepts of Football Town became a reality, and experienced craftsmen set about creating garments that were not only meant to be worn, but also felt. Each piece tells a story, paying homage to the beautiful game, made with complete care, precision and a touch of football magic.

Sustainability and quality is key

In a world increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment, Football Town stands out for its commitment to sustainability. By choosing high quality cotton and ethical manufacturing processes in Portugal, Football Town ensures that each product is not only luxurious and durable, but also planet-friendly.

Join the Club - a global community united by a love of football and fashion

Football Town is more than a brand; it is a place for those who live and breathe football, for those who see fashion as an extension of their identity. It is a place where the timeless traditions of the game meet modern style, where fans from all corners of the world come together to celebrate their love of football in new and exciting ways.

Explore Football Town

We invite you to explore our collections to find that special model that speaks to you, that connects with your love of the game and your sense of taste. Join us on this adventure and let's make the world see football through a new prism that is vibrant and stylish. And as we challenge the status quo of the big monopoly brands, Football Town also stands for freedom.